Exceptionally amazing; active, involved, helpful and knowledgable. Has her pulse on the market. In these days of not knowing who is who in real estate,
Kristin is the real deal and we knew it from day one. We have bought and sold using her as our agent, as she has gone way beyond the expected. Couldn't be happier with her. She gets our highest recommendation.
Barton Slatko
Kristin did a great job to help me buy a second home. This is the third time I worked with her, and as always she is very professional, super knowledgeable of the market, very informative about the contracts and just such a pleasure to work with. She always has her clients best interest at heat. It is rare to come across such a professional who is very ethical as well!
We've worked with Kristin for many years on houses big and small and, most recently, a condo. She is a wonderful advocate for her clients. Kristin really cares, listens to what you're saying, and doesn't try to push you into anything. She's incredibly responsive and hard working, plus will go to bat for you. She has the experience, network, and resources to take care of you.
I feel very fortunate that Kristin was the agent for the recent sale of my West Hollywood property. Kristin did an outstanding job and was key in accomplishing the sale. From the very start she was willing to do whatever she could to get the house on the market. The house needed updating and repairs as well as a complete remodel of the pool. Kristin was present during this process and was able to help with referrals for the necessary updating. Her experience and advice was indispensable. When the house was placed on the market she did all the showings in person and because of her interpersonal skills was able to find the buyer. She was instrumental in negotiating the sale, looking out for my interests and keeping me informed. The property sold at above asking price in a short period of time during a changing real estate market and I believe this was all due to her experience and expertise
Henry Poscher
We interviewed several agents before settling on Kristin, so we didn't take this process lightly. We were impressed by her honesty, knowledge of the local market, connections to local talent who could help sell the house, and her promise to personally handle all details. We never regretted our decision as Kristin was amazing. She got more for our house than we could have imagined, brought in amazing craftsmen at reasonable prices, and was so responsive to our calls, emails, and questions. She knew when to push, when to stand back, and how to get the very best out of people. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell as she's not only an impressive professional but a terrific person.
Kristin is a super agent! She has great recommendations for everyone you need to help prepare your home for sale, even staging companies to hire with no up front cost to the seller. There is no detail to small, no complication too challenging for Kristin to handle with aplomb. My home was in escrow within a week of going on the market because, well, she is really a super agent. She got me a sale price that was beyond what I thought was possible. Do yourself a favor and call Kristin if you want to make the buying and/ or selling experience something that does not stress you out. Truly!

Kristin is the best. She handled the purchase of our house in 2009 and did such a wonderful job that when we had to sell this year, there was no one else we would have even considered to handle the sale. Due to family circumstances elsewhere, my wife and I were basically absentee owners during the whole process so Kristin handled everything for us, including having a cleaning crew come in to make sure the house was pristine. In one week, we ended up getting 19 bids. Unfortunately, the escrow process ended up being very difficult due to an incompetent and dishonest lender. We almost had to cancel the sale twice but Kristin kept the ball rolling despite the tremendous stress it caused to both her and us. After Kristin issued a demand to close, the lender was replaced and we ended up closing 5 weeks later than scheduled but thanks to Kristin's foresight, we were paid a pro rata portion of our principal, interest and insurance for each day after the original closing date which netted us over $2k extra in our pockets. In the end, we got a price we couldn't have even imagined when we put the house on the market and have even more admiration for Kristin's skills as a real estate professional. She has become a very good friend to us. She really cares about her clients and she kept us calm as we moved through this difficult process and got us across the finish line. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling.
Kristin is completely dedicated, endlessly knowledgeable, brutally honest, fiercely protective of her clients, and forever patient. She will find your perfect home for the best price possible, or sell your current house for top dollar... And make the experience as stress-free and fun as possible. To say that a professional in an arena as competitive as real estate “really cares” is to invite rolling eyes. It’s a hackneyed cliche, used to humanize a ruthless deal-maker. But here’s the thing... Kristin actually does care. Because she’s a human first, and a professional second. Sure, she can be as ruthless as any opposing agent you might find yourself dealing with. But what makes Kristin unique is that this does not define her... it’s not her mission. Her mission is not just to get her clients the best possible deal; more importantly, it is to ensure that they are HAPPY with the deal. Kristin will literally walk away from huge deals (and large commissions) if her clients are not entirely comfortable. Seriously. I’ve watched her do it. THIS is service. Real service. The kind of service that can only be informed by deep caring. This is what makes Kristin special. And the best damn real estate agent in Southern California, bar none.
Kristin made the process of selling our home so smooth, easy and actually kinda fun! She was there for us every step of the way, went above and beyond for us. Our listing looked incredible. We loved our neighbors and neighborhood, a big concern for us was choosing the right people to buy our sweet first home we had put so much love into and she really worked with us to find the right people. She also just really knows her stuff -- homes, people, markets! Kristin is the best!
This is our third time working it’s Kristin to buy and/or sell a property. There is a reason we keep going back to her. Kristin makes the process as painless and smooth as possible. She is professional, knowledgeable, straightforward, and hardworking. She has a solid network of reliable professionals she works with and can recommend, from stagers to electricians, inspectors, and more (really anyone you need during the buying or selling process). I don’t leave reviews very often, but Kristin deserves the recognition.
Kristin Morley helped me sell my condo in the most seamless way. This could’ve been a daunting mission but she made it as easy as selling a cup of coffee. And she was fast! We were done in a week and she got me the number I wanted. She’s very thorough and very on top of everything. Great with   communication. She’s a sweetheart too and I’ve come to love her like a sister. Couldn’t recommend her more.
D. Alansari
Kristin is a true gem and a rarity among today's real estate brokers. She is caring, extremely detail-oriented and all about providing Grade A experience to her clients. I just closed a deal with Kristin and there wasn't one phone call or text not answered. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself  to what lengths a true professional will go for you. Thank you, Kristin.
"Kristin is the best agent ever! She helped me sell a place and bought a place! She is amazing as a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent. She knows every details of the contacts and fought super hard to get me the best deal possible. Super thorough and super professional."If you want an HONEST expert to guide you through your home purchase, Kristin is amazing. 
When we first started looking for a home to purchase, we weren't convinced we needed an agent. But after working with Kristin for the two or three months it took for us to find the perfect house, we   absolutely wouldn't have done it any other way. My wife and I changed our minds about what type of home we wanted over and over until we finally knew what we wanted, and Kristin was patient and super helpful every step of the way. She was also very good at negotiating and had tons and tons of useful insights to help us get what we wanted. The last thing you want is an agent who wands you to purchase the first house for as much as possible so they can get paid and move on. When it was time for us to make an offer, Kristin had plenty of opportunity to pressure us to make a higher offer which would have benefited her, but she never once did that. She always left the number up to us, and gave us some guidance on what made sense. She was also willing to tell us when we were considering offering too much, which we really appreciated. She's also really good at identifying when a new construction or remodel was done poorly, and will be quick to warn you about risks and their potential cost. She was super professional and friendly, and she spent a lot of time looking at houses for us and sending us suggestions. We will be recommending Kristin to all our friends and family, and will certainly go with her again for our own needs as they arise.

She is professional as well as caring, I will use her exclusively in all my real estate decisions in the future. She guided me through hard decisions, I felt her main concern was that I was protected and comfortable with everything I had to sign. It is a honor to know someone so dedicated to a  profession.
Leslie Kimball
Kristin is amazing, she got us a multiple offers on our property within the first 5 days of the house being listed, she is an extremely diligent worker, she made sure that the final offer got all the way through escrow to close. She understood our market, she was super helpfully in how, when and  where to promote the sale presentation. We really appreciate how transparent, communicative, honest she was with us, she is a great negotiator and an advocate and finally we loved the passion she brings to her work. We highly recommend Kristin 
B. D'Amico
This is my second time using Kristin’s realtor services, and I’m just as pleased this time around. I was simultaneously selling my house and buying a condo, which was new for me. Kristin juggled the transactions professionally and, although one escrow was full of huge curveballs,  she always continued with calm energy. The home buying/selling process is naturally stressful, but Kristin is a master at helping her clients through the process. I will absolutely be a lifelong customer. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Kristin!
Kristin was not only my real estate agent but my life coach and cheerleader while trying to make the difficult decision to buy a house. Kristin is honest, professional and a genuinely good human being. She cares more about the buyer than her own commission. She wants everyone to be happy and works really hard to make sure that people are comfortable and informed. Even after we closed, Kristin was there for us to help us renovate and figure out our next steps -- providing contacts for us to do the necessary work on the house to get it in shape to move in. We were lucky to find her and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!
Kristin was a pleasure to work with. She never left any questions unanswered, and trust me, I had plenty of them. She always responded promptly, leaving me feeling like I am her only client, which is far from the true. Initially, I had fallen in love with another condo. I was outbid, and left heartbroken, but Kristin reassured me that I would find another property, and sure enough, another unit in that very same building became available a week later. Kristin made sure we were first in line, and I got the condo of my dreams. Kristin is the perfect combination of tenacious and gracious. I highly and happily recommend her.
Kristin is very professional, always returns your calls and always has the answers or finds out what you need to know, quickly and thoroughly. She is also very upbeat and keeps your spirits up when you start to worry about things. I truly enjoyed the entire experience with her to guide me. I felt that she had my best interests at heart. Yet, she didn't hesitate to tell me the facts when I needed to listen and make decisions. You will have a stress free experience when you put yourself and your needs into her capable hands.
Mimi C. Llatt
My mother in law has been in this business for years on the Commercial side and said, that Kristin was always on top of things and we never had to call her to ask her questions because she was calling us to update us on everything we needed and would want to know. It didn't matter what time of the  day, Kristin was there for us and made the process easy! At the end of everything, my mother in law told her she should come work for her. Overall, Great experience and if you need an expert who knows her stuff across the board, Kristin is the right person!
M.S. Fair
Kristin is just amazing! She understood our needs and wants immediately. She was always quick to respond to our many questions and didn't make us feel deficient when we didn't quite 'get it' right away. Beyond her understanding and patience Kristin had an wealth of knowledge about geographic areas that would work for us. When we needed contractors, she new the best and was able to get them to respond as quickly as needed. In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will not be disappointed.
Betty Slatko 
Impressive service! Very pro-active, energetic, cared for what I really liked and wanted and helped me find my dream place. She really spent time looking for the right places to show me based on my preferences, I did not waste any time with her. Available at all times and really followed up   carefully and on a timely manner to all necessary requirements during the escrow process. I would highly recommend her to anybody.
Yad Munoz.
This is my first experience buying a home. I came into the process knowing very little and met a few realtors, but didn't click with anyone till I met Kristin Morley. Kristin took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. Looking at potential homes with her was always a fun experience. I saw plenty of options with her and never felt pressured to make decisions. She really made me feel taken care the whole way through. She's been on top of everything, very timely, knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and sincere. She made the process fun and very smooth, and despite my pickiness, she found me a place I absolutely love. It's very clear that Kristin loves what she does because she's great at it. I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone and everyone!
Deema A.
Kristin is an incredible real estate agent. Her knowledge of LA's neighborhoods and market trends is peerless. We looked at a lot of places, all over the city. It is Kristin's ability to listen to what I really wanted, that led her to showing me a type of property I hadn't considered, but was perfect for me, and hit all the items at the top of my wish list. Her resourcefulness is amazing. Everyone she referred me to: lender, insurance agent, even painters and cleaning services- I used. She only works with the best people. If you are looking for an agent who really takes care of you through the whole process of home buying,  Kristin is the agent for you.
Sarah S.
Kristin did an outstanding job in helping us find our first home. The process took over 18 months (we were very particular) and at no point did she ever feel anything but helpful and supportive. I'm thrilled to say we just closed on a home that is in the neighborhood we wanted, in the price range we wanted, and fits our needs in every other way.
Joe K.
I loved working with Kristin to sell my house in Sherman Oaks. She advised me EXPERTLY on how to stage and price my home, and I had multiple offers within days of entering the market. My escrow went smoothly and now buyers and I are very happy. I'd highly recommend her if you are a seller or a buyer.
Linda Engelsiepen
Kristin was such a pleasure to work with. I think its getting harder and harder to find a really strong and passionate realtor who really loves what they do (and really good at it). And she's all of that and more. To have someone like Kristin on your side in invaluable. The breadth of her knowledge from pricing, remodeling, surround location, and future resale value was not only impressive but so reassuring when placing offers on our new home. She really made us feel like we were taken care of 100% at all times and that she was on our side and wanting us to find the perfect home for us vs just trying to yes to everything we said yes to or trying to get us to close quickly. I would recommend her (and already have multiple times) and we will definitely use her again in the future. Like a good book or TV series, meet her once and you will get hooked for life!
Jordan M.
Kristin is an extraordinary agent. Our home sold in an astonishing 6 days. Kristin expertly priced our home, including us in the process and also helped us to fine tune the look of our home for open houses--aesthetic choices that created a difference without incurring new costs. From the sale to the close, Kristin shepherded us through the maze of paperwork, negotiations, contingencies, etc., with an expert's hand and always with a positive attitude and a presence that put us at ease. Kristin is a true professional who really cares about her clients and their needs. We could never imagine working with anyone else.
Janice Renyolds
While the home buying and selling process can be exciting, it is also stressful and daunting at times. At the beginning of my house shopping journey, I spoke with about a dozen realtors, trying to find one who would be able to walk me through the process and make me feel confident that they knew what they were doing AND cared about my well-being. I was also relocating to an area that I wasn't very familiar with and I wanted to make sure it was a good fit for me… wouldn't want to buy a home in an area that wouldn't make me happy! I happened to call Kristin Morley after finding her advertisement on Zillow, and after speaking on the phone for a half hour, I was so impressed that I asked her to be my agent on the spot. I cannot tell you what a fantastic decision that was. She went above and beyond every single day of the 3 months of house hunting. She took the time to get to know me so that she could direct me to different areas of Los Angeles that I didn't know about, because she thought they would fit my personality. From returning my phone calls to negotiating the purchase price to hiring inspectors and contractors who were just as thorough and competent as she is and all the way through the escrow process and beyond (she set up appointments with handymen/electricians, etc. AFTER I moved in, and negotiated on my behalf!), I can honestly say she cares so much about her clients. She's not in it to make a quick buck, she's in it for lifelong clients who know we can trust her. I cannot think of a single thing in the entire process that she could have done better. She is amazing.
Avery Steele
Kristin made the process of buying and selling our properties as easy as it could be when facing hurdles along the way.  We had a difficult condo sale due to a neighboring unit, and Kristin was steadfast throughout the process.  She kept us in the loop every step of the way. We closed the deal and got more than the listing price! When our deal fell through (as buyers), Kristin echoed the thought that the house just wasn't right for us, and that we would find something that we love. She found us that house, and negotiated a great price for us. Kristin is smart. Tough when she needs to be. And always communicative. Kristin's clients are important to her, and that's clear -- she makes you feel like your deal is top priority.  And keeps you focused on the end goal.  Kristin is a consummate real estate agent, whom I highly recommend.
Jess M.
Kristin is first class. She was very knowledgable, accessible, caring, and always acting with my best interest in mind. She was on top of every detail every step of the way, and a genuine pleasure to deal with. I strongly suggest Kristin to anyone looking for high quality representation that they can trust and feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands with a job that will get fully completed the right way
Steven F.
Kristin is an excellent real estate agent and a fantastic person, it has been a great pleasure to know her and to work with her. We were able to purchase our home working with Kristin from NY. I appreciated a lot the time she spent to show us the different LA areas, and to understand what we were looking for, in terms of homes and location. We went to Los Angeles a few times to see specific homes she already visited for us, and described it perfectly, and after some deep searching, we were able to find the "one". Working with Kristin has been a real pleasure. I definitely will recommend her with enthusiasm.
Antonella R.
I found Kristin on Zillow and THANK GOD I did! I've worked with agents in the past and no one is more knowledgable, strategic, and caring than Kristin. She treated us like family and as such, told us exactly what she thought of a property even if it meant the property wasn't for us. She was always positive and made the entire process fun rather than stressful. I have literally already recommended her to like, all of my closest friends and I hope they all use her! Truly. Do yourself a favor and hire Kristin (at least meet with her). You will have someone who has your best interests in mind every step of the way! I cannot say enough good things about her. She is the BEST!
Leslie M. 
This was the first time my wife and I bought a home. Thankfully, Kristin was there to guide us. Kristin is diligent, hardworking, and honest. Most importantly, Kristin cares that her clients find the best place. We were very impressed by Kristin's integrity. If we didn't like a place, she supported   us. When we wanted to negotiate the price, she helped us put together the best offer. Without a doubt, Kristin is everything you would want in an agent. We will absolutely be working with her again.
Steven Mateer
Kristin has been really valuable and extremely professional. We relocated from New York with limited time available to see houses and learn about new neighborhoods. She was patient and helped us through the whole process brilliantly. At the end we found a beautiful house, plus  we had a lot of fun   along the way. I would recommend her without hesitation.
M. Rossi
Finding a new home can be overwhelming but I was so lucky I had Kristin to help me with the process. Her knowledge of real estate is never-ending and she always looks out for her clients. I knew I could rely on her to find my dream home – and she didn’t disappoint! I now consider her a friend and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a new home.
Alex Evans
Kristin was the best thing which could happen to us! We randomly picked an agent as we decided to buy our property in LA and yet, as foreign buyers buying in the US, we were particularly concerned about both the legal aspects and practicalities of buying a property in the US and in California in particular. Kristin was extremely detail oriented and helped us so much in every single step of the process, she was available 24/7 to reply to our questions and provide solutions to our concerns, she was always extremely kind and yet brutally honest when required! She became much more than just our agent, we do consider her now a friend who we hope we will be in touch with for the rest of our life! She is the best one in town!
Davide Giardino
Kristin was amazing. She helped us find the home that was just right for our family. She was patient and guided us through the process. We ended up buying a home that we love in an area that we didn't even know existed before :) Highly recommend.
Natalia Homyak
Kristin helped us move into our dream home. We had just had a baby boy and new our family was going to continue to grow. We needed help finding a home with a good school system and had enough space for our growing family. She helped us find the perfect location and home  what our  family truly loves. We'd recommend Kristin if you're looking for a wonderful home to buy or sell.
Sonia Luna
Kristin, is a extremely knowledgeable and low key agent. She listen's and doesn't impose her own opinion, but rather helps you find yours. There is not another agent that I would EVER want to work with. Kristin is awesome!
David Safian
Kristin helped me as a first time buyer navigate all of the steps to home ownership. Great technical expertise and skills. But buying a home is also an emotional experience. Kristin observed me (without me noticing) and noticed that the homes we saw that made me light up in fact were not very close to the home qualities I had described that I was looking for. It was that emotional intelligence that really made the difference between orchestrating a transaction, and finding me a home. I recommend Kristin for not only the expertise she brings, but the passion she has for what she does so very well.
Haz A.
Kristin came highly recommended when my wife and I bought our first home. We were very nervous going into the process and Kristin made everything easy. We felt so comfortable and taken care of. And even though our house was probably the smallest deal she had going, she made us feel just as important as if we were buying a multi-million dollar home. I have recommended her to my friends and if we ever decide to sell our house, she will be the first person we call.
Bart Tangredi
Kristin was highly recommended to us recently when we needed to sell a rental property. We were facing a potential unpleasant situation with our tenants. Kristin, however with her expertise and professional attitude was able to guide us successfully so we were able to overt what would have been   very costly to us had we not had her there for us. The sale of the house and closing escrow on time was flawless. Her guidance, negotiating skills, and honesty sold the house with the price we wanted within only a few days on the market. We highly recommend Kristin as she has the energy, passion, and commitment it takes! She is THE BEST!!
Kristin is dedicated, responds quickly, and totally looks out for her client. She was great to work with!! Definitely recommend!!!
Jane Tavyev-Asher
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